Finding the Perfect Writing Arts Internship in Baldwin County, AL

Are you looking for a writing arts internship in Baldwin County, AL? If so, you're in luck! There are a variety of opportunities available to help you gain experience and develop your skills. From the Right of Way Coordinator position at the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) to the Galang Residency Program at Powerhouse Parramatta and the Cité internationale des arts, there are plenty of ways to get your foot in the door. The Right of Way Coordinator is a permanent, full-time position at ALDOT. This is a technical and professional job related to relocation assistance, property management, and obtaining property titles necessary for departmental purposes.

As a senior coordinator, you'll be responsible for planning, directing, and reviewing the programs, activities, and operations of a county department. The Galang Residency Program is an exciting opportunity for First Nations artists and creatives living in Australia. Participants will have 60 hours to write a 600-word fictional story inspired by two writing instructions and an “anti-line” one. This program will provide you with hands-on experience working with a growing organization in one of the fastest-growing areas and economies in the United States.

The First Nations Mentoring Program (InReview) is another great way to develop your writing and artistic critical skills. The program will support four First Nations trainees to create a portfolio of published works of a professional nature. You'll also have the chance to work with readers from the general community, the Ceduna Area School, and Ceduna Arts and the Far West Languages Center. The Council of Australia offers grants for individual and group art projects.

This program funds activities that benefit both the art sector and the general public, including national and international audiences. You'll have access to specialized mechanical supervisory jobs that involve directing and participating in the maintenance and repair of a wide variety of automotive equipment. The Baldwin County Public School System Communications Department is another great place to gain experience. In this position, you'll have the opportunity to write for print and digital marketing publications; participate in the planning and execution of events; develop marketing strategies; and assist in internal communication, social media, and media relations.

Finally, WKRG-TV News 5 is always looking for talented writers to tell local mobile news and weather stories. This is a technical claim adjustment job in the Risk Management Division of the Department of Finance.

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